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Japanese People
The population of Japan is about 127 million people.
They are taught to respect TIME and ETIQUETTE since childhood.
Over 50% of them were educated from university or college.
The average life span of Japanese woman is about 87 years raking 2nd in the wrold.

Tokyo -the capital city of Japan
Tokyo is one of the world's most densely populated city.
Abundant of unique shops, cafes, people are there.
Business in Tokyo is accelerating for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Features-Safety and Convenience
There are not much crimes in this country. Even you lost a wallet, but you would find it.
Plenty of comfortable public transportations are always there on time.

The advantage of Japan located in East Asia provides you with efficient access to China, Korea and Taiwan Market.

Overview of Japan Market
3rd largest GDP in the world
The Gross Domestic Product in Japan was about 4124.21 billion US dollars in 2015.
The high value has been remained stable since late 1990 and growing slowly in recent years.
The GDP is mainly composed of Service industry, Steel Industry, and wholesale/retail industry.

4th Largest Global E-commerce
According to Japanese Ministry of Economy's Report, Japan e-commerce market size is expanding rapidly.
In 2015, the market size of domestic B2C-EC was about 1248.9 billion US dollars (7.6% rise from the previous year),
and the market size of domestic BtoB-EC was about 1.83715 trillion US dollars (3.5% rise from the previous year).

Get more detailed data of Japan

Get more detailed data of Japan to know...
How much does a Japanese customer pay online per month?
Which online shop would become your company's competitor?
Is there a big market for your products in Japan?



Rakuten Official business partner
i-order has been working closely with Rakuten Japan since 2000.
As an official Rakuten RMS business partner, we have provided quality services from setting up online-storefronts to optimizing store management for over 10,000 Japanese Rakuten online shops.
We are expert on being a professional and reliable ecommerce partner for Rakuten shop owners in Japan.

Rakuten Ichiba, a B2B2C e-commerce platform, which owned by Rakuten Inc. is the largest e-commerce site in Japan and among the world's largest internet companies by sales. Almost everyone in Japan knows about Rakuten Ichiba.

Rakuten is quite famous in Japan for Rakuten ichiba, Rakuten travel, Rakuten Kobo (e-book), Rakuten credit card, and Rakuten Golden Eagles (professional baseball team).

An Over view of Rakuten
Rakuten Ichiba is continuously growing, also the merchants' sales volume has been growing fast.

GMV(Gross Merchandise Volume) in Japan in 2014

Registered users

Average monthly turnover

Other channels
We can help you to establish and run the online shops, which according to the feature and specialty of your products.

We can propose idea to expand your business in the EC markets which accordance with difference demand of users in Rakuten, Amazon, PRIT!,etc...

International staff & branch
English , Japanese , Chinese , and Korean speakers are available.
For i-order, we already got legal entities in Taiwan and Hong Kong.
So after you succeed in building your business in Japan, our global branches can help you to expand in other Asia markets.

About us
Our company established since 2002 and over 15 years are experienced in Rakuten and Amazon.
We have been supported more than 12,000 shops in Asia.
Among them, over 600 shops in Taiwan and 70 shops in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

We can help and provide you with all you need for sales and run the Japanese online shops in the best way which according to the feature and specialty of your products.

Get more detailed data of Japan

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Bestselling webpages we have made
What our customers are saying
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  • i-order Japan ( Head Office )

    Showa shell Bld.7F, 193-1, Yamashitacho,
    Naka-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, Japan
    TEL : +81 45-222-3710

  • Taiwan i-order

    Rm. 17, 12F., No.237, Sec. 2, Fuxing S. Rd.,
    Da'an Dist., Taipei City , Taiwan (R.O.C.)
    TEL : +886 2-2708-2811

  • i-order International ( Hong Kong )

    Unit11CRoom C,China Insurance Building,48Cameron Road,
    Tsim Sha Tsui,Kowloon Hong Kong.
    TEL : +85 2-3118-7136

Professionals in the field of e-commerce of
Japan, UK, USA markets will lead your business to success


Makoto Yoshikawa

With great experience in running various business, he stepped into e-commerce in 1997
And eventually, i-order was born in 2001 as an expert who provides over 12000 brands in Asia with a variety of service from shop-management , consulting, to web design.
Since Taiwan and Hongkong branch company was established in 2008, now i-order is providing support for Japan, the great China and Korea e-commerce marketplace.


Executive Adviser
Fumio Kobayashi

Internet executive with over 17 years experience in Japan and U.S.
Fumio Kobayashi joined Rakuten Inc. in 2000 and held multiple managerial roles in Rakuten Ichiba.
He also had over 8 years working experience in U.S. as President of as well as Vice President of LinkShare Corporation.
Fumio received his MBA from the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.


Trade Japan
Patrick Kelly

Over 15 years of retail experience and most recently as Country Manager and Commercial Director for Rakuten in the UK. Patrick has a wealth of e-Commerce knowledge with over 10 years experience of working with brands and marketplaces.

Plus Patrick has considerable experience of working with Rakuten at the highest levels.


B2C Business model
We can do creation, drawing design and build Japanese website with complete translation for Japanese customers and all our customer services are handled by native Japanese speakers.

EC Mall
Our company and Rakuten are business partners in officially since 2000. We proud of our excellence management of over 10,000 Japanese Rakuten online shops. We proud of our excellenct service performance 10,000 Japanese Rakuten online shops. So we can suggest the most suitable EC mall and selection of E-commerce services for your products in Japan.
For eg. Rakuten and Amazon which are the biggest and the bestselling EC malls.



[ ]
Founded by Mikitani in 1997, Rakuten is the largest e-commerce site in Japan and with a market cap $13.5 billion and annual sales of over $4 billion. It is one of the biggest internet companies in the world.



[ ]
Founded in 1994, spurred by what Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Amazon also one of the biggest companies with 306,800 employees worldwide in full and part-time jobs and The World's Most Innovative Company Of 2017.



[ ]
Founded by i-order in 2017, as a private import specialized online shop. PRIT! is a new magazine style website including light readings, unique columns with photos, and news about what is hot in foreign countries.

B2B Business model
i-order can connect your company to Japanese companies looking to import and export products from/to overseas companies.
Also, we are planning to build malls on Rakuten which is one country's shops are gather like "Taiwan mall".

Provide all you need to thrive in Japan

Before opening online shop
Once i-order received your company's product data, we support all the steps to set up your online shop.
We offer Japanese style webpage design, shooting photos, and translation.
It is crucial to make an elaborate and Japan accustomed webpage because generally people in Japan feel unease when they see something strange or something very new to them.

i-order is the no. 1 in 2000 companies majoring in webpage designing and photographing . That is why i-order has been recognized as a reliable partner of Rakuten ichiba.

After opening online shop
To manage and keep running the online shop well, i-order will do all these works for Japanese customers instead of your employees.
You can leave your online shop's management to us entirely.
-Order Processing
-Payment Transfer
-Customer Service

Down load time line and price

Down load time line and price to know...
How long does it take to open an online store?
How much would it cost?

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